Video Profile: Office Value

TSheets interviews Jeff Lurcook, Operations Manager for Office Value and treasured TSheets Customer about what separates Office Value from the competition. Justin Foster also speaks to him about the one big lesson that Jeff as learned over the years, take care of your customers. “TSheets has taken a lot of paper work out of the […]

TSheets First Customer

The story of how a small business owner became his own first customer. Matt Rissell was frustrated. Or maybe a better way to say it … he was irritated! As the owner of a printer supply company and a background in business mobile devices, Rissell knew about technology. And he knew how to grow a […]

Video Profile: Cartridge World

TSheets customer and owner of Cartridge World in Boise, Idaho, Bryan Warnock speaks with Justin Foster. Bryan shares with us about his business and some lessons learned from years of living the life of a small business owner. He also tells the world about and how it’s impacted his business. “There’s that accountability aspect […]

QuickBooks Export

New timesheet QuickBooks export feature allows simple importing of your TSheets data into QuickBooks for client invoicing, payroll and more! You’ve asked for the ability to import your TSheets data into QuickBooks and with this new feature you can. The QuickBooks export feature is available on all TSheets accounts and is very simple to setup […]

The Phone for CEOs

Personally, I use a Blackberry device. I first began using one of these about 5 years ago and it quickly became clear to me how they got the nickname “crackberry” i.e. one gets addicted to it as soon as they use it. Potentially negative comparison, but accurate nonetheless. The reason it is so useful for […]