Improving Page Load Time


Several small updates: Speed enhancements should make TSheets load faster. Computer authorization is now easier with a new form. Watch for job code support in the next week!

Speed enhancements: I spent some time using the great tool over at Pingdom Tools for measuring how long your personalized login urls take to load. Based on the feedback I got I made many enhancements, like creating a css.php that loaded all of the css include files at once, and js.php that loads and returns all of the javascript include files at once. The end result… well let me just include a few stats:

Yesterday’s Time Entry Site
Total loading time: 3.1 seconds
Total objects: 14 (95.6 KB)
CSS CSS: 3 (10.9KB)
Scripts Scripts: 7 ( 72.5KB)
Images Images: 3 (5.2KB)

Today’s Time Entry Site

Total loading time: 1.1 seconds
Total objects: 7 (99.8 KB)
HTML (X)HTML: 1 (6.3KB)
CSS CSS: 1 (11KB)
Scripts Scripts: 2 (77.2KB)
Images Images: 3 (5.2KB)

That’s right .. 3 times faster! I guess I’m just excited about faster page load times, I hope it makes your experience better too :)