Keep Testing Vs. Time to Launch

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September 2nd, 2015 by Matt

Should You Keep Testing and Perfecting, or Take a Risk and Launch?

Think your product has to be perfect before you launch? That’s the typical stance of most companies – especially R & D managers. But I’d like to encourage you to think again.

At TSheets, we take a “launch early, launch often” approach. And we’ve seen a lot of success and value come from it. Should you keep testing and perfecting, or take a risk and launch? Listen to my take here.

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I think in general, companies and R & D managers (I may get some critical feedback for this, which is okay. I’ll defend it) spend way too much time trying to make their software perfect before launching it.

I’ve heard it said by Mark Cuban, who had a really small exit, that “Engineers who try to make software perfect? That’s the enemy of effectiveness.” I think that’s absolutely the truth. My philosophy—and the philosophy we have here at TSheets—is one of the reasons that engineers LOVE to come to TSheets. It’s that we make releases almost every day. 

It’s launch early, and launch often.

And is that going to create some mistakes? It is. But it’s also going to give you the ability to test and measure how users respond to your software, and they do so in a real-life environment, not in just a test environment.

It can be hard for engineers to hear this, because they so badly want to make their software perfect. And I get it. It’s a little bit of a different personality style, so we’re as patient with them as possible. And we also launch as often as we possibly can.

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Now Hiring: Email Marketing Manager

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September 1st, 2015 by Kelly Brown


TSheets, one of Idaho’s fastest growing SaaS technology companies and winner of the Best Places to Work in Idaho 2015, is looking for an Email Marketing Manager.

As the #1 rated and reviewed time tracker in the Intuit ecosystem, TSheets Time Tracker helps accounting professionals and small businesses track time accurately to save time and money on payroll, simplify invoicing, billing, job costing and more. (more…)

The TSheets #BestDayAtWork $1k Giveaway!

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by David Nielsen


TSheets is giving away $1,000!

And all you have to do is enter the contest below and sign up — we have all kinds of ways for you to get a chance to win $1,000!

Have you heard of Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag game? You’re given a hashtag and you tweet out a weird, funny, or awesome story about it.

Well, the TSheets crew loves that idea so much, we’re doing it! And we’re throwing $1,000 into the mix! That’s right, to celebrate YOU, employees, we want to hear your best work stories, and one person who enters will be selected (by random draw) to win $1k! (more…)

Is it Time to Slam on the Brakes or Get Airborne?

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August 31st, 2015 by Kelly Brown

In the early days of TSheets, when we were bootstrapping as a startup (i.e., we didn’t have a full-grown killer staff and more than 1300 glowing reviews backing us up) there came a point when shiz got real.

How real? As Matt puts it, he saw the end of the runway (did you know that Matt loves to fly? He does. He’s an amazing pilot, metaphorically and literally). Things were looking grim for TSheets. And the only two real options left were to slam on the brakes or get airborne.

We think you know how that story turned out. But the critical insights Matt gained along the way might surprise you. Click here to get the full scoop by reading our beloved CEO’s hot-off-the-press article in AMEX Open Forum.

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Coming To You Live From Sydney, Australia

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August 28th, 2015 by Haley Chamberlain

TSheets Has Landed In Australia!

Boots on the ground, TSheets is ready to roll out our timesheet goodness to a whole new list of customers!

You read that right: Some of our mates at TSheets have set up shop in Aussie Land. Why? The truth is, TSheets is just too good to keep all to ourselves. If sharing is caring, then our newest TSheets adventure in Sydney shows just how much we love employees.

And by partnering with Intuit Australia, TSheets down under is just as hard core and capable of turning your pesky paper timesheets into payroll bliss. (more…)