Looking at text files – less is more

When you sysadmin a linux box, at some point you’re invariably going to be poking around in a shell, looking at text files. At TSheets, we log just about everything under the sun. This makes it easy for us to answer exactly what was going on at any particular time for every user that uses […]

Understanding Linux system load averages

Here at TSheets, we have a lot of custom monitoring scripts and alerting tools that keep us in the know on a relatively real-time basis as to the health and responsiveness of our infrastructure. Every once in a while we’ll be alerted that something on one of our servers is not quite right. When this […]

We’re Hiring! Senior Software Engineer

You and LAMP are old friends? Perfect! The Senior Software Engineers at TSheets design and develop brilliant new features, high performing functionality, and rock-solid application stability. Essential functions: You will be involved in all phases of the software lifecycle, including working with product managers to define products (specification), leading architecture and technical project plan discussions […]

Paid Time Off Gets Even Better

This just in from the geeks at TSheets: that magic time code that everyone loves (except maybe HR departments and supervisors) is now even more love-worthy (even to HR departments and supervisors). With TSheets, PTO control is now off the hook. Our tech heads recently added a handful of enhancements to the existing PTO accruals […]

API Toolkits for PHP & Perl

The development crew here has been busy improving our API and the tools for accessing it. We have much more planned, but wanted to announce the immediate availability of toolkit downloads for those PHP and Perl developers out there. These toolkits make accessing your TSheets data and doing things like clock-ins, clock-outs and job-code management […]