Know Who You Are: Why an Outside Marketing Firm Can’t Create Your Company’s Vision

It was about 10 years ago at my last company (pre-TSheets): I was working on the company’s vision statement, and I ran into trouble coming up with the right words, as we so often do. I remember specifically it being very awkward. So I sought out a marketing firm for help. An outsider came in […]

Throwing a Corporate Event? Top 8 Tips for Success from Best-Selling Author Marc Benioff

While preparing for TSheets first, upcoming Customer Appreciation Event, I quickly got wrapped up in brainstorming a fun location, appetizing food to serve, and how much money we could budget for free drinks. While there are lots of “fun” things to think about when it comes to event planning, you can’t forget to focus on […]

We’re Hiring!

TSheets is looking for a Senior Marketing Manager with the perfect blend of strategic and tactical skills. This person will not only make the decisions on what takes priority but they will also have the opportunity to execute and implement the well-crafted plan! The position is not for the weak at heart! TSheets is a […]

On the Importance of Personalization

While auto-responders may seem like a good idea at first, they can often ‘de-personalize’ the entire experience. Here’s how and why to personally respond to comments and subscriptions made on your site.

Time and Attention

As far as business blogs and productivity tools go, there are a great number of them that, well frankly, bore the pants off of me.  Sure there’s Lifehacker which is always a guaranteed smile, but for the most part, lots and lots of business bloggers tend to grab a bunch of statistics and/or other data, […]