8:55 Train | Sunny Skies on the Tracks

You can find out more about Riley and his “8:55 Train” journey at the end of this post… Unlike the groundhog this year I did not see my shadow…at least not as much of it as I have in the past. The overall numbers to date give me so much hope for this Spring and […]

365 Reasons to call TSheets Customer Support

What’s a pirate’s favorite socks? Arrrrgyle. Ummm…. yea, what’s that have to do with TSheets customer support? Because it’s International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day matey! All ye scallywags and scurvy dogs looking to button down your timesheet hatches and call into our support line before the payroll storm is a-brewin’ tomorrow will be welcomed by Capt’n Hook […]

What Do 5 O’clock, Chewbacca, and A Belly Laugh Have In Common?

You heard right: The TSheets crew has a new feature brewing. Custom sounds. At 5 o’clock when you’re hitting the button to clock out for the day, why not hear a welcomed noise? It could be a few bars from “Hallelujah,” the sound choice of our VP of Marketing. Or two seconds of “Chewbacca,” like our CEO […]

Putting Your Team to Work – That’s Teamwork!

As seen in our recent Olympic games, in companies worldwide, and right down to your local Boy and Girl Scout troops – teamwork matters. But it isn’t always a natural process to encourage people from all walks of life to work seamlessly with one another; in most cases teamwork has to be built and earned. […]

Lego Blocks as Time Trackers?

Michael Hunger sets out to track his own time, and finds a brilliant solution in a childhood favorite: Legos!