When internet and phones go down at the office….

… do we throw in the towel and accept defeat? Nope. We’re relentless about our customers’ success so that means being available and providing superhuman customer service, no matter what. So, we did what we had to do to be available all morning without landlines or internet at the office. It was a tough job […]

If your mom tracked her time…

Here at TSheets, we specialize in tracking time, and we happen to love employees (and their mothers) everywhere. From a time tracking standpoint, moms hold the record for most hours worked in a week, in a month and in a year. In fact, “If your mom tracked her time…” and was paid at fair market […]

8:55 Train | Sunny Skies on the Tracks

You can find out more about Riley and his “8:55 Train” journey at the end of this post… Unlike the groundhog this year I did not see my shadow…at least not as much of it as I have in the past. The overall numbers to date give me so much hope for this Spring and […]

365 Reasons to call TSheets Customer Support

What’s a pirate’s favorite socks? Arrrrgyle. Ummm…. yea, what’s that have to do with TSheets customer support? Because it’s International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day matey! All ye scallywags and scurvy dogs looking to button down your timesheet hatches and call into our support line before the payroll storm is a-brewin’ tomorrow will be welcomed by Capt’n Hook […]

What Do 5 O’clock, Chewbacca, and A Belly Laugh Have In Common?

You heard right: The TSheets crew has a new feature brewing. Custom sounds. At 5 o’clock when you’re hitting the button to clock out for the day, why not hear a welcomed noise? It could be a few bars from “Hallelujah,” the sound choice of our VP of Marketing. Or two seconds of “Chewbacca,” like our CEO […]