You and Overtime: A Love (/Hate) Story

A big concern for employees and employers alike is overtime – making sure it’s calculated properly, that it’s kept in check and that it’s paid out properly. Don’t worry, we know that too! So here are some quick tips and tricks to be sure that your overtime calculations are correct each pay-period, as well as […]

Simple Love: Falling for the Who’s Working? App

Over the many years I’ve worked as a product leader I’ve looked at a lot (and I mean a lot) of time tracking solutions. I remember the first time I really got excited about one. It was my first look at TSheets. And the first feature I fell in love with in TSheets was the […]

TSheets Time Tracking Software: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

Despite February marking the end of the shortest month of the year, our development team has been hard at work making plenty of new and exciting updates for all of our TSheets users. We’re on a roll with updates and can’t be stopped; at this rate we’re in for a very exciting year. Make sure […]

TSheets Time Tracking Software: Bugs Fixed, Reporting Faster & Life Made Easier!

Placing our customers at the heart of our time tracking software means we listen and respond! This month, our developers have been quite busy making improvements and fixing bugs. Take a peek at some of these changes below and keep your eyes open for future #Changelog posts. 1. Dial-In Add-On: Now, when employees dial-in, they […]

Free Accounts: More Features for Free!

We have exciting news for all you free account users out there. Today, we’ve updated our free accounts to include more features, making TSheets more useful than ever! Here are some of the features that are now included in ALL of our free accounts: Full Reporting (this includes our NEW reporting suite) Overtime Calculations Timesheet […]