Inspiring Advice from Entrepreneurs When You’re Looking for Motivation

Inspiring Advice from Entrepreneurs When You’re Looking for Motivation by Meredith Wood of Fundera As an entrepreneur, do you ever have those moments when you simply feel stuck? Well, you’re not alone. Even the best entrepreneurs have felt a lack of inspiration or direction. When you find yourself facing a wall, follow advice from your […]

5 Key Principles to Help Your Business Take Flight

A couple of years ago, I became a private aviation pilot. It’s one of those bucket-list dreams I had been marinating on for several years before I took the leap — and I’m so glad I finally did. With my pilot’s license, I feel this amazing freedom to go anywhere, do anything. The entire northwestern […]

LAW AND ORDER: How TSheets helped stop a bad tax on SaaS

Today was a good day. The Idaho State Legislature passed the Cloud Services Clarification Act. To think that just a few weeks ago, I was testifying before the Revenue and Taxation Committee in support of the bill. A month before that, I was being interviewed for a Wall Street Journal Article about the impact state […]

OF TECH AND TAXES – How a SaaS tax could hurt our customers!

I don’t handle it very well when anyone (including the Government) tries to bully our customers. Now… I’m mad. The tech sector moves fast. When software as a service (SaaS) began to take hold in the cloud-based universe about a decade ago, businesses fell in love. Without the high costs and risks associated with the […]

September Newsletter

Fall for it. The bloom is off the rose of summer, but the time is right to develop a deeper relationship with time tracking. As businesses everywhere gear up for a fall push to meet the final goals of 2012, TSheets delivers the instant tips, tricks, and tools it takes to make the magic happen. […]