Win $500 in TSheets’ #CoolerThanYourJob Photo Contest!

The employees of TSheets think we have a pretty cool job. Seriously — annual golf tournaments, beer on tap, the softest company tshirts ever created, and regularly getting to talk to the coolest people (YOU!) on the planet! We know our jobs are cool. But are they the coolest? Or do you think you have us […]

Six Easy Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

March 6th is Employee Appreciation Day. Our motto at TSheets is “We Heart Employees,” so it’s no surprise we love this day! We appreciate our employees (check out the awesome TSheets crew here) and employees around the world! If you love your team and want to recognize them for their hard work but you, ahem, kind […]

Accounting Thought Leaders Unite!

While many know the age old phrase, “actions speak louder than words,” here at TSheets we believe that the most important thing behind both actions and words is intelligent thought. Just imagine how many nightmares could have been avoided if people were to first think before they speak! Joining together this week was a group […]

Ya Know We’re All About That Heart.

‘Bout that heart. TSheets is diving heart first into the celebrations of the 14th. Whether you are rocking International Greeting Card Day with a favorite person, or flying solo, you can have chocolate, and that is the true heart of the matter isn’t it? (Please pardon the puns. There are sure to be several more.) […]

5 Unexpected Connections Made at QuickBooks Connect Rhode Island

Recently, TSheets was invited to sponsor a QuickBooks Connect Local event in Providence, Rhode Island. As always, it’s exciting to attend any event put on by Intuit for 3 main reasons:      1. Intuit delivers content that is extremely helpful to their customers and business owners      2. The audience they bring in, TSheets PROs included, are […]