TSheets Halftime Show: New Features For Our Fans

Super Bowl XLVII without professional football players would be TSheets without employees. It wouldn’t exist. For that reason, our team’s game plan is simple: provide a time tracking tool that employees love. We’ve all read the stats: “Disengaged employees are costing the United States $370 billion annually.” And “It looks like the tide is shifting […]

What Do 5 O’clock, Chewbacca, and A Belly Laugh Have In Common?

You heard right: The TSheets crew has a new feature brewing. Custom sounds. At 5 o’clock when you’re hitting the button to clock out for the day, why not hear a welcomed noise? It could be a few bars from “Hallelujah,” the sound choice of our VP of Marketing. Or two seconds of “Chewbacca,” like our CEO […]

Understanding Linux system load averages

Here at TSheets, we have a lot of custom monitoring scripts and alerting tools that keep us in the know on a relatively real-time basis as to the health and responsiveness of our infrastructure. Every once in a while we’ll be alerted that something on one of our servers is not quite right. When this […]

Holiday Wishes from the TSheets Crew – No Foolin’

You would think it was April Fools Day around the TSheets office but, as usual, we’re celebrating the Christmas season in crazy TSheets style. The joke’s on CEO, Matt Rissell, (3rd from the right) but the message is genuine: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Seasons Greetings to all our valued customers from all of us at TSheets! Here it […]

Timestamp – The Devil is in the Details

The old adage “The devil is in the details,” couldn’t be more true when referencing TSheets.  Why is this?  While others use a simple stopwatch approach (keeping track of duration only), TSheets uses a detailed timestamp for all clock-ins/outs and job code switches, something that appears simple on the surface, but that is actually quite […]