Riding the 8:55 Train Through the Holidays

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The crisp morning air of fall has faded into the bite of winter’s chill since we last spoke. I do not find myself being as cold despite the lower temperatures, as I am fueled by an inner fire for the next year. The past month of my life’s journey on the TSheets train to good health has taught me a few truths about my resolve that I previously did not know. Perhaps it is the support that I have behind me or the promise of a better life on the horizon that now allows me to tell you of my successes and my temptations without having a sense of guilt or failure. Let me share with you a few destinations that this train has visited and hopefully you will find some inner fire as well.

32 Pounds. The weight of your average two year old. That is how far I have come since deciding on a better life for myself. The holiday season did not make reaching this mark the easiest of activities, but it did help test my resolve. In the past I have always been the one to say this year is going to be different, and then collapse at the sight of so much comfort food and return to my unhealthy lifestyle. The guilt I would feel biting into that freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with my family around me was palpable. Food and especially sweets were a crutch I could never avoid during the holidays. Something was different this year. The aroma of the sweets and delicious comfort foods embraced me like an old friend at the family gathering, but this time I had allies to aid me. My mother made Paleo diet friendly turkey, my aunt a green bean casserole that had all of the flavor but none of the calories of the traditional, and my brother with a 7-layer dip that would make the nutrition pyramid jealous. With so much thought and care of others going out of their way to help me on my journey, my need for comfort food was overcome thanks to my family and what they had done for me.

New Energy. Waking up in the morning used to be a chore for me. When in the quiet warm comfort of my bed, the relaxation of sleep would be broken by the calls of the alarm clock and I would rush to utilize the snooze button. Now I find my body wanting to wake before the fiendish clock. I am feeling more rested at night and in the morning my body seems to yearn to get up and get going. The feeling of wanting to jump out of bed to get outside and embrace the day is amazing. It truly feels different when the sun warms my face. I am reminded of spring when the days are not overcast and how this year and for years to come, I will look back and remember this was the moment that I stopped living and decided to be alive.

Temptation. Cheating. Learning. The last month also had moments of weakness and collapse. Despite the dedication from my family and the support of the world’s best at work, I had a moment of setback. Carl’s Junior brought back one of my absolute favorite burgers this holiday season and while commuting home from the Idaho Athletic Club their advertisement caught my eye. I surprised myself how easily I lost sight of my overall goal in that instance and how quickly I devoured that delicious Philly Cheese Steak Burger. The feeling of satisfaction gave way on the remaining drive home to regret. I sent a message to my trainer, Brianna, with what I had done and all the while felt like I had wasted her time and dedication because of my lax in judgement. Once again the patience of people surprised me yet again when Bri told me to enjoy what I had done. I had cheated on my plan, betrayed my trainer, and overall lost sight of my choice to change. Yet here was Bri standing behind me still despite my weakness. I learned something new that day about who I was becoming. I would normally never mention what I had done in the past and tell myself it was fine, and now I was letting my trainer know immediately KNOWING it was wrong but not suppressing it like it didn’t happen.

The first month of riding the TSheets train to good health has taught me not only new discoveries about who I am, but also of the quality of people I have the privilege to know. From all of the people at TSheets giving me the tools and encouragement to make this change happen, to the Idaho Athletic Club giving me my temple of transformation, to BodyBuilding.com providing me with healthy Essential Amin.O Energy for Pre-Workout boosts. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am not to be alone on this train having my family to support me at home and my trainer who refuses to give up on me despite my moments of weakness. 32 pounds is nothing to scoff at but it makes me want to lose more. It makes me realize the choices I have made and the changes in my life are paying off. I do not know what future stops are ahead of me but I know that I won’t be getting off this train until I reach the end of the line.


About the 8:55 Train Blog Series: This blog post, and the rest you’ll see in the 8:55 Train series, are not “typical” in that you wouldn’t expect to read a journey to better personal health in a time tracking blog. But like so many experiences, they resonate with all of us in one way or another – whether personally or professionally. Meet Riley – a TSheets employee who struggles with his weight and with the help and generosity from BodyBuilding.com, Idaho Athletic Club, and TSheets is on a journey he wants to share with the world.

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3 Responses to Riding the 8:55 Train Through the Holidays

  1. Riley, you rock. Everyone has setbacks as they move along the path of switching out an old pattern for a new one. Rejoice in the fact that the setbacks are getting fewer and far between – this shows that the new patterns are taking hold. Congrats on your success thus far!


  2. Riley– we’re all human and make mistakes. But seriously… 32 pounds and going strong? You’re SUPER human! Keep it up buddy!


  3. I love that we get to share in your transformation Riley! So motivating!


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