We’re Hiring: Customer Experience Representative

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July 10th, 2014 by Matt N

Delivering “brilliance” to our customers is what separates TSheets from the rest of the pack! We are always happy to answer the phone and proactively encourage our customers to contact us with their questions, concerns, or even when they just want to chat!

We’re looking for an outgoing and friendly Customer Experience Rep to learn our product inside-out, and to work together with our team to deliver an unforgettable experience to our customers.

Essential functions:

Respond to support tickets and be active on our forums and live chat, follow through with our users on everything they bring to you, manage related projects, and keep the rest of the team well informed on customer needs and desires. Track down and root out the source of any issues that come up, too, using your finely honed analytic techniques.


  • Killer written and verbal communication skills
  • Friendly, bulletproof personality
  • Supreme comfort with web based applications
  • Knack for listening to our customers and stepping into their shoes
  • Aptitude to learn and understand how service works and helps businesses
  • Front-line customer support

Other skills that would help:

  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Post-high school education
  • Sales Experience

About Us
Why join us? The TSheets team lives, eats and breathes our motto: Work really hard. Play really hard. It’s a dynamic, close-knit team with strong convictions. We also offer an extensive benefits package for all full-time employees including, medical, dental, and vision and paid vacation. You will be joining a fun, creative, experienced, and bright team, who are passionate and care about what we create.

How to Apply
It’s easy… Just email careers@tsheets.com with a copy of your resume. Oh… and don’t forget a cover letter.

How TSheets Tracked Down a Stolen Android

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July 7th, 2014 by kelsie

In this episode of TSheets Believe It or Not…

As many of our customers know, TSheets is a popular app in the service industry. From plumbing and electrical work to landscaping and construction, it allows a way for employees to work in the field while keeping organized records of their time. What you may not know is that TSheets can also track the GPS locations of punches made remotely with smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices. Not only does it help with tracking the location of employees (let’s hear a cheer for safety and accountability), in one case it also helped one of our clients track a stolen phone!

GPS Time Tracking Feature

Here’s a story for you! The sun is shining high in the sky and Mr. Landscaper’s brow is heavy with sweat and it’s only his second job of the day. It’s going to be a long one and he needs to make sure to get to all his jobs before the end of the day. He packs up his equipment and is ready to switch to the next job using TSheets on his Android. Uh-oh, he gets to his truck and realizes his doors are unlocked and windows are down… and that his Droid is not on the dashboard where he left it.

Back at the office Mr. Owner isn’t thrilled to receive the call that Mr. Landscaper thinks someone may have stolen his company issued phone. But alas, there is a solution! TSheets can track GPS locations of where employees clock-in and out. A quick look at the “Who’s Working” list and sure enough Mr. Owner can see where Mr. Landscaper clocked in as well as the current location of the phone based on the 10 minute GPS ping at a home nearby. A quick call to the police let them know where the stolen phone had last reported it’s exact GPS location point and bingo – phone located!

There you have it… TSheets not only tracks time but can also help you track down stolen devices! Anything for the employees we ♥!

So, do you believe it, or not? BELIEVE IT! Riley, a rockstar on our Customer Experience team, took the phone call and became our customer’s hero last week!

We’re Hiring – Social Media Coordinator / Copywriter

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June 12th, 2014 by kelsie


Role: Social Media Coordinator / Copywriter
Work area: Marketing
Employment type: Regular Full-time

Company Description
Founded in 2006, TSheets is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Idaho. TSheets is a web-based employee time tracking software used by thousands of companies and their employees around the world. In 2013, TSheets became the #1 rated and reviewed time tracking app in the Intuit ecosystem.

Essential functions
A social media manager’s dream job! We are looking to add a talented Social Media Manager with excellent writing skills to our marketing team. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for marketing and curating of the company’s super-creative content. Candidates should have experience writing blog posts and SEO friendly articles and website content and be a hardworking and creative individual who can handle creating, executing, tracking and analysis of content and campaigns across all social media channels. This person will work closely with others within the marketing department for a cohesive effort to connect socially with company partners and customers. We are a fun, fast-growing company with a great, well known brand and reputation that you should be able to leverage to great success across all digital channels.

Ideally, the Social Media Manager should hit the ground running once they are clear on the company’s product, social media channels and marketing goals.


  • Bachelors Degree in business, marketing, digital media or related creative field
  • A minimum of 2 years of Social Media Marketing experience to include content creation, curation and dissemination, tracking and measure ROI and KPI’s, listing analysis, building and implementing the social calendar and managing the social media platform
  • Proven track record of engaging a large online community with relevant, informative, fun and on-point conversations.
  • Passionate about social media and implementing it to increase audience engagement
  • Comfortable with commonly used social media management and tracking tools
  • Knowledgeable of social media best practices and be comfortable overseeing and executing the social media footprint under those practices
  • Strong analytics and reporting side of social media
  • Good team player and can work collaboratively across the company to achieve common marketing goals
  • Enjoys working in a fast growth and highly entrepreneurial environment
  • Experience in the technology/software industry is a plus

Qualified applicants can email a cover letter and resume to careers@tsheets.com. Please include examples of social media channels (or specific campaigns) you have managed and an example of your writing (blog post, article, or write something specific for TSheets).

About Us
Why join us? The TSheets team lives, eats and breathes our motto: Work really hard. Play really hard. We are a dynamic, close-knit team with strong convictions. We also offer an extensive benefits package for all full-time employees including comprehensive health benefits and a retirement plan. You will be joining a fun, creative, experienced, and bright team, who is passionate and cares about what we create.

Superman’s Performance Review Completed Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

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June 10th, 2014 by kelsie

Batman and Spiderman underwent performance reviews over the last two weeks. Superman was spotted flying over Idaho and was called in for a Performance Review by TSheets.

Performance Review of Superman

JuvodHR performance reviews, built for small business owners with the hidden power of Superheroes, start with a valid job description, including Tasks and Work Styles (characteristics necessary for success). This is a good practice because it shows the employee what’s expected. It also produces a valid performance review that’s job related.

With over 1,000 customized job descriptions in the JuvodHR job description creator it’s not surprising to find Superman’s job description.

Job Description – Superman

From Spreadsheets to TSheets | A ZenPayroll Customer Success Story

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June 6th, 2014 by kelsie

Finger nails on the chalkboard. Train scraping on the tracks. Jim Carrey’s most annoying sound. There are a few things that universally make us cringe. Here at TSheets, there’s one word that makes us all wince.


We hear time and time again the horror stories of using spreadsheets to record employee time and process payroll. Lost time cards, manual duplicate entry, spending hours on payroll every week and the most common: costly errors.

TSheets & ZenPayroll Integrate for Payroll

Enter TSheets and ZenPayroll. Our newest integration takes the payroll process from a time consuming and costly chore to something that Search Strategy Solutions found to be delightfully simple.

When we hear companies success stories after going from spreadsheets to a “back office that just works” it’s like music to our ears. We think you’ll like it too. Read John’s story >>